Sebastian Sauve

Sebastian Sauve

Sebastian SauveSebastian Sauve top Model. Profile Images, photos and video. Sebastian Sauve, born in 1988, in Waterford, Michiga, USA, is a British model of half-German and half-American descent.

Though born in the United States, Suave was moved to Sheffield, England at a very young age. At age 20, he visited the United States again and was scouted by a model whilst on a gap year in LA. He followed up the interest on his return to the UK and was signed to prestigious “Premier London” model agency.

Suave has worked steadily ever since: being featured twice in the issue of “i-D” and has modelled for “Vivienne Westwood”, “Wonderland”, “Hero”, “Attitude” magazine, “le Supplemanetaire”, “Mykro magazine” with Josst Vanderburg and “Wallpaper” with i-D Fashion Director Simon Foxton, among many others.

His favourite movie is Pineapple Express. His best features are his height (6’3″), his lips come second. His friends describe him as very down to earth and very fun to talk to. A funny and self-proclaimed free spirit, his guilty pleasures include sleeping in, skipping class, laughing his *** off, playing games, messing around with friends, dancing like an idiot, play fighting with his girlfriend (except she always beats him up, so he says).


Sebastian Sauve ยท 2012 by Stuart Sandford video

2012 Sebastian Sauve video

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