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RJ King

RJ King born January 4, 1992, in Nellyville, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, is an American model.RJ King Male Model, Bio, Images, video.  RJ King born January 4, 1992, in Nellyville, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, is an American model.

The 6-foot-one stunner was scouted while working at a mall in his hometown and launched onto the scene during Fashion Week in Spring 2011.

RJ King has since gone on to become one of the most photographed new faces of the year featuring in “NY Times”, “Essential Homme”, “Vanity Teen”, and “Vogue Hommes” plus bagging the covers of “10 Men” and “Volt” magazine.

Not content with numerous editorials, King’s first mens show season in 2012 saw him walking for “Yves Saint Laurent”, “Prada”, and “Louis Vuitton”, just to name a few.

He loves food, especially All-American classic: Pizza, wings and burgers. A dream trip for him would be to visit Brazil and Tanzania. His idea for fun? Eating and then running.


“YOU know RJ KING?!?!” “Have you worked with RJ King?” “You know who would be perfect for that shoot? RJ King!” It only took two or three such comments for me to catch on, after which I started referring to my younger interns as the “RJ King Fan Club”, and began to test my theory. “Do all the girls who work here love him?” I asked his supervisor at Splash—where he was, at the time, working regular shifts. “It’s constant flirting,” he confirmed.


“They don’t get anything done.” I was soon sold on the fact that, if young RJ was not indeed the official heartthrob of the local high school set, he was—at the very least—to the Galleria boutique what Jerry Jerrod was to Raw (rando “SATC” reference; I do that…); the store never saw more plaid skirts (it’s a private-schoolgirl hangout, no?), or cougars. More recently, just days after he moved to NYC to build on the modeling career he started in STL (he’s currently signed with Re:Quest Model Management), I was shoot shopping in Kirkwood and overheard a super-cute teen worker talking about her friend who spent New Year‘s Eve in Times Square. “RJ King?” I asked. “How did you know?” Wild guess…

A genuinely-sweet, modest and adorably-handsome boy with a matching reputation, it’s safe to state that 18-year-old RJ (a De Smet graduate) is being heavily-cyber-stalked by his hometown entourage this week—his first New York Fashion Week, in which he is walking a number of top shows. Still, he somehow made time on Thursday (Day 1 of my fave month in all of the year—when factoring in London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks, that is) to give me the lowdown on his jam-packed first month-and-a-half in NYC, his good genes and the day he was discovered—which included a bit of flattery, which so happens to be the key to my heart. He certainly has a way with the ladies.

RJ King – Interview – KrisVanAssche – Paris Fashion Week video

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