Noah Ballou

Noah Ballou

Noah BallouNoah Ballou Sexy Male Model. Images, Bio, photos and video.

Noah Ballou was born on September 28, 1981, in Garland, Texas, USA, is an American model, the youngest of three boys to Nancy and Larry Ballou. At the age of four Noah father in a tragic car accident leaving his incredible mother to raise three young boys all alone.

Growing up, Noah excelled at sports his mother was there to support him every step of the way. She never failed to drive me to practice and attended every game….and I played every sport.

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During the summers of his junior and senior years in high school, Noah began staying with his oldest brother, Tyson, in New York who had made a name for himself as a model. Since then, Tyson has become one of the leading men in fashion and it’s with his help that I was able to begin my career in modeling.

He continued playing basketball in college back in Texas until his junior year when he decided to move to New York and start pursuing work as an athlete and as a model. In early 2003, he left New York for California in pursuit of a job playing Slamball. A new and exciting sport that combined many of the sports I played growing up with the addition of trampolines built right into the floor.

More on Noah and photographer Erik Johnson…

Recently his modeling career has taken a back seat to Slamball and acting, but with the help and encouragement of his friend, photographer Erik Johnson, he has a renewed enthusiasm for being back in front of the camera. He’s known Erik for years and that helped to make the shoot together a very relaxed and enjoyable one.

Erik Johnson hails from New Jersey, and now resides in Los Angeles, with a new found love for photography. He started in the entertainment business at the age of 16 performing in a local boy band in New Jersey, and quickly made his way to LA, only to get signed to a major recording contract with the pop group “Sons Of Soul”. With all of that behind him, and creative juices still flowing, Erik used his visual eye in the likes of photography. He started playing around with disposable cameras, and holding mock photoshoots for his friends, until he quickly realized how much he enjoyed it.

His latest shoot with Slamball Superstar/Model Noah Ballou allowed him to really work with someone who has modeling in his blood (brother of supermodel Tyson Ballou). This is only the beginning for Erik A.

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