Milo Spijkers

Milo Spijkers

Milo SpijkersMilo Spijkers Top Model. Images, Bio, photos and video. Milo Spijkers born in Belgium one of the hottest male models.
Name: Milo.
Surname: Spijkers.
Agency: I love.

Height: 186 cm.
Place of origin: The Netherlands.
Star sign: Sagittarius.
How were you discovered? At a party in my hometown.
Favourite things: My iPod.
Favourite music: The Roots, Notorius Big, Janis Joplin, the Doors, Tupac, and more…
Hobbies: Sleeping, music, movies.
Favourite piece of clothing: My leather jacket.
Favourite artist: Dali.
Place you would love to visit: Los Angeles, Tokyo, Hawaii, Las Vegas.
Currently you are obsessed with/about: The fact that I’m going to Tokyo soon…
Favourite book: Bright Lights Big City.
Favourite film: Fear and loathing in Las Vegas.
Favourite model, woman/man: Lara Stone/Taylor Cowan.
Favourite food: Spaghetti.

Milo Spijkers Elite Barcelona video

Toby Grimditch hit the road and snap D1 Models’ Milo Spijkers in some of the country’s finest dance floors. Video

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