Matías Novoa

Matías Novoa

Matías NovoaMatías Novoa Top Model Celeb Bio, Images, photos, video Matías Novoa, Valparaíso, Chile, is a Chilean model and actor who became famous for being the husband of the famous Chilean female pop singer and actress Daniela Castillo.

Novoa graduated at María Auxiliadora with an Engineering in Tourism Diploma but never practiced it.

In April 2005, Novoa met famous Chilean singer Daniela Castillo, and it was love at first sight. They got married two years later.

Novoa’s since struck out on his own, first, appearing in a commercial for the beverage drink “Capel Sour Pica”.

In 2008, Novoa delved into acting with a role in the telenovela “Secretos del Alma”, and by the end of 2009, he’ll be joining Christian Kent Hunter and Iván Cabrera in the programa juvenil “Yingo”.


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