Jamie Wise

Jamie Wise

Jamie WiseJamie Wise Sexy Male Model. Images, Bio, photos and video. Jamie Wise Born April 19, 1990 in Newcastle, England.

About Jamie Wise:
There’s a new interesting male model. His name is Jamie Wise and he comes from the United Kingdom. Jamie is based in London and is currently represented by New York Model Management in the United States.
Jamie has in the eyes of All about Models a promising look. We would describe it as a kind of powerful. Well, he has a silhouette of 185cm. Additionally he’s having a great body shape.
You should make sure to have a look on Jamie’s single pictures. We are sure that there is a future ahead of him. Be ready!

Nickname: Jimbob
Where were you scouted? I was scouted whilst I was making coffee for people at Fulham F.C.
Best feature: Eyes
Favourite grooming product: Nivea Moisturiser – no more dry skin for me!
Hobbies: Acting, Singing, Guitar, Most sports, Films, Computers, Gaming, books! Anything I can turn my hand to!
Favourite Movie: I have a lot of favourites, maybe Shindler’s List, Gladiator, The Dark Knight, that sort of epic/thriller/drama type thing.
What’s on your iPod? Loads of different stuff. Coldplay, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, little bit of Les Miserable, some Tchaikovsky
Guilty Pleasure: Musical Theatre…
Dislike: Waiting in general. Not the restaurant kind, the general time consuming kind.
Dream country to visit: China/Thailand, somewhere totally different from anywhere else.
What was the last thing to make you laugh out loud? Teaching an Italian guy some Geordie slang words.
What was the last dream you remember? I was on a sort of journey through loads of countryside but I never really found what I was journeying for, was pretty though!
One word to describe yourself: Freeeee

Jamie Wise for Essential Homme video

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