Ian Mellencamp

Ian Mellencamp

Ian Mellencamp Nationality American, birth Cincinnati, OhioIan Mellencamp Top Model Celeb Bio, Images, photos, video. Ian Mellencamp Nationality American, birth Cincinnati, Ohio

Where are you from?
Cincinnati, Ohio
What is your favorite color?
Right now my favorite color is forest green. But it’s always changing. Day to day even. Growing up I always liked red and my brother’s favorite was blue. I think it’s a sibling thing, not to like the same colors. And I think I am missing nature and green by being away from home, in the city for a while.

What is the biggest difference between New Yorkers and people from Cincinnati?
New Yorkers are more worldly and diverse. I always hear that they are mean and rude but I haven’t really ran into any of that.
What is the best thing about modeling?
I have a lot of down time between jobs and castings which is a great opportunity to work on other stuff. And there are some perks, like free clothing…


What is the worst thing about modeling?
I would say being judged on your looks rather than your personality or talents. And there is the uncertainty about the workload. Down time also means no work….
Where do you see yourself in five years?
I would like to live in NY still and maybe have a vacation home somewhere else. I’d love to be touring and maybe do some acting and writing. I would love to write a book with all these little ideas and elaborate on each one. I also write lyrics.

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