David Alexander Flinn

David Alexander Flinn

David Alexander Flinn is an Irish composer, musician and model.David Alexander Flinn is an Irish composer, musician and model.

David Alexander Flinn was born in 1987 in New York City. His work explores the notions of our primordial instincts of survival and the confinement of such by social infrastructures, these concepts often intermingle ideas ranging from botany to the fall of the roman empire.

Violence, repression, betrayal and resurrection play an integral role in his language. He utilizes sculpture, installations, drawing and photographs to explore these concepts. He has an BFA from the School of Visual Arts ands exhibited in New York and Italy. He lives in Manhattan and works in Greenport,Long Island.

When we talk to musicians, designers, artists, etc. we often ask them, “When did you know you were going to pursue this path? Was there a pivotal point in your life or moment that stands out?” For artist David Alexander Flinn, the incident of change came when he was visited by the authorities and made aware that his phone had been wire tapped for his involvement in activities other than his art. The 19-year-old Flynn had been studying at the School of Visual Arts and decided in that moment that he was going to be dedicated to his craft and nothing else.

Tonight marks the opening of Flinn’s “Nor Here Nor There” in cooperation with Envoy Enterprises, his third solo show with the gallery, since graduating from from SVA in 2009. We recently got a cup of coffee with him, talked about the last five years and asked him our five questions. Check out some of the artist’s work in the video clips below and on his website HERE. Follow him on Twitter HERE, Instagram HERE and if you’re in New York stop by 87 Rivington street tonight from 6 to 8PM.

 What was the last movie you saw?
Had to pay respects and see Gandolfini’s last movie, Enough Said it was good, see it.

What was the first album you bought?
With my own money? I bought Wu-Tang Forever at Tower Records on Broadway.

What was the first show you went to?
In 1998 I saw Iron Maiden in Italy.

What posters were on your wall as a kid?
I had a Slayer flag…oh yeah, and some snowboard posters.

What was your first car?
I have a 1992 Ford F-150, it’s lifted 7inces and I’ve got 35inch tires on it!

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