Alejandro Guinot

Alejandro Guinot

Alejandro GuinotAlejandro Guinot Top Male Models Photo Gallery, Bio, Images, video. Alejandro Guinot born in Castellon (Valencia) in 1982. Started modeling at 22 y.o. with a little agency in Valencia.


Alejandro Guinot Interview

Hello Alejandro, I’m really flattered you accepted to be interviewed for CoverMen Mag!, to start this interview off, please give me some background information

Hi Edo, I was born in Castellon (Valencia) in 1982, I graduated in Code Rights from the University Jaume I (Castellon), my base is in Castellon and my mother agency is Sight Management (Barcelona).

How did you start your career as a model and who convinced you to become a model?

I started modeling at 22 y.o. with a little agency in Valencia but immediately I signed with one agency in Barcelona (Group Models) and another in Milan (Future Models). I started thanks to some friends that motivated me, before being a model I was a semi professional soccer player.

Do you remember your first main assignment as a model

Yes, jajaja my first mission: casting for Nike Catalog in Barcelona.
Just for curiosity, can you tell me what you bought with your very first earning as a model?

One motorbike: Kawasaki OffRoad.


You’re a very successful model, what has contributed the most to your success?


Turning to some more personal questions, please reply to the following short questions:

Favorite holiday destination?

South America, Brazil or islands.

Favorite kind of music and favorite band/singer?

I like rock, R.E.M, Queen, Bon Jovi.

Favorite kind of movies?

Action and terror movies, but I really like all kinds of movies.

Favorite sports?

Soccer, rollerblade.

How do you usually spend your free time?

Going to the gym and enjoying life…JAJAJAJA!
I know you’ve have been traveling around the world, where you would like to live other than where you do now?

California Dreams…Jajaja or Spain I like Barcelona and Valencia, I like the sunny weather!

Thanks Alejandro for taking the time to reply to my questions, it was a gift to me and my readers!


by Edo Q © 2011 CoverMen Mag!

Alejandro Guinot – Baltman Imago Photos 2010/11 video

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