Adrian Bosch

Adrian Bosch

Adrian BoschAdrian Bosch Top Model. Biography, Profile Images, photos and video. Adrian Bosch, real Name: Adrian Melgaard Bosch, Nationality: Danish, Birth Date: 1988, Lives Now: New York, NY.

Adrian Bosch has starred in Marc Jacobs’ lookbook for a few consecutive seasons now and really, I’m not tired of it at all. Every season, he looks great in the pictures. Spring 2011 is no different. The only distortions of the aesthetics in the picture, I thought, are the black crisscross low top sneakers and those mesh see-through tops.

While the crisscross pattern is kind of cool, the casual smart wannabe-pioneering dress code formed by a pair of sneakers and a pant suit look still sticks out in a rather out of the ordinary way for me. Furthermore, the pictures did not flatter the shoes by saying: “Hey, guess what? I’m cooler than Thom Browne!” In terms of the mesh top, I felt it was disappointing, because it made Adrian look like he has a non-existent beer belly. If the sexy peek-a-boo effect does not work on a professional model, I think it would be hard for other people, too.

Other than that, the designs overall are pretty unique. I like the mix of the slightly nerdy classic preppy style meets trendy modern man. I can kind of imagine wives buying lecturers at my university those jackets and them looking all smooth and tasteful giving out boring lectures. If only they know about it… Sandals are once again one amongst my lists of highlights from the collection. Competing for the centre of the spotlight is a pair of super smart shoelaceless Oxford shoes, which I believe most likely works also with shoeslaces. These shoes look really amazing showing off those masculine ankles in the signature Thom Browne-esque trousers.

Adrian Bosch in Japan video

Top Male Models – Adrian Bosch Show – Paris Men’s Fashion video

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