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Joseph MarvulloJoseph Marvullo ( Joe Marvullo ) Top Model Photo Gallery, Celeb Bio, Images & new. I grew up in a small town called Glenwood Landing on Long Island NY.


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I love being outdoors,nature, on the water, in the mountains. I try and be as active as I can outside of the gym. I love meeting new people, and traveling to new places. I moved down from NY a little over a year ago. I came down here looking for a change. I found it, and I love it. I started shooting a couple of months ago, and I am really starting to like the results. I am interested in shooting with serious photographers only. I have been doing a lot of work on my portfolio recently and I am ready to branch out. I have a lot of great ideas and I am looking to share those with others. I am interested in doing commercial type shoots, and more edgy shoots. I have tattoos, I love them. They tell a story of who I am.

As you can see in my portfolio I can cover them up if needed. I have other hobbies, and lots of good things in my life to pass time. Modeling is now becoming something I want to do in my spare time, or full time. Im starting to get busy with shoots, so if you want to shoot with me please message me with the details.


I am now limiting myself to doing paid shoots ONLY! If you are interested in shooting with me for free message me and we will see what we can setup.
I moved down to FL in the fall of 2007. I was working at an amazing restaurant in Dunedin FL. It was called Kellys For Just About Anything. It was there that I became friendly with a lot of the locals. There were 2 gentleman that owned a store in town called “Q”. Ron and Mark were regulars at the restaurant and had told me about a VIP party they were having for their best customers. They had asked if I would want to serve drinks and mingle with the ladies. I agreed and went to the event where I walked around shirtless and had a blast. There I met a fellow model and photographer named Edsras. He asked if he could shoot me and I agreed. I then went to Tampa and shot with him and his friends Daniel. That was the first shoot I ever did. In the past I NEVER wanted to model, but for some reason I decided to finally say yes.

From there I decided to see where it went and I started to communicate with a Miami based photographer named Luis Rafael. I set up a date and made my way to Miami. We did a 2 day shoot and it was the first time I ever felt “Alive” in front of the camera. He was, and to this day still is the best photographer I ever shot with. Not just because of the finished product, but because he was such a great person as well. He made me feel important, comfortable, and coached me through the entire shoot. Once we got the final images back it was then that I did my research and realized who Luis really was. One of the most well-known male photographers in the world. I decided to take the photos and put them on an on-line portfolio called ModelMayhem. It was then that I realized that I might be able to do something with all of this modeling. I might be able to go somewhere with it. Because of the great images I produced with Esdras, and the amazing images I produced with Luis, along with Luis’ name. I started to get a lot of offers to do shoots in the local market. Before I knew it people were recognizing me and my work, and it all just took off!

In the beginning the driving force behind my modeling was purely to see where it went. I was proud that I had worked so hard on my insides that I looked healthy on the outside. I worked hard in the gym, not just to achieve a nice body, but it was a form of therapy for me. At one point in my life when I was active I was so unhealthy that I looked sick and really unhealthy. I felt if I took pictures that I could be proud of all the hard work that I had put into myself as a whole.

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