Devin Paisley

Devin Paisley

Devin PaisleyDevin Paisley Top Model Celeb Bio, Images, photos, video. Devin Paisley, born in 1985, in Cape Town, South Africa, is a South African model.

The dark blonde haired, 6-foot-1 hunk was discovered when an ex-girlfriend made him go into an agency and it all progressed from there.

Paisley has done editorial work for “Esprit”, “AlanRed”, “Jean Paul Sports” and “Humor”, among many others.

His dream campaign would be “Hugo Boss”. He likes food especially German food: schintzels, bratwurst, sauerkraut. If he wasn’t a model, he said he’d be a photographer.

Height: 185

Size: 48

Chest: 94

Waist: 79

Collar: 39

Shoes: 45

Eyes: Blue/greenHair: Dark blonde

Kellan Kyle from Thoughtless starring Devin Paisley video

Kellan Kyle Thoughtless Series Inspired Video starring Devin Paisley video

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