Baby Models – Does Your Baby Have What It Takes?

When you are planning to enter your baby as one of the Baby models hosted by a modelling agency there are some personality aspects you need to take into consideration. These issues relate to both baby and mother, sometimes it happens that the baby fits the profile perfectly, but the mother just cannot stand the pressures of the industry. We will take a look at the personality traits both baby and mother should have.


One of the biggest personality factors that influence the choice of Baby models are the temperament of your baby. If your baby is one of those rare ones that wake up with a smile after an afternoon nap then you might just have a star in the making. Sadly temperament does not end there an additional factors that needs to be considered are how well your baby reacts to strange people and new places. A baby can be a perfect little angel at home, but the moment you place them into a situation or with a person that is unknown they change the tables on you and start to act groggy and unhappy. Baby models needs to adapt to change as well as any adult are able to. A good way to test if your baby will comfortable in new or changing environments are to do the dress up test; change your baby into 5 different costumes within a short time span, while you change them also add an additional human voice factor and move them from location to location. If your baby can manage all of those changes at once you can be sure that he/ she will make it as a baby model.

Mommy dearest

A lot of the success Baby models have depends totally on the willingness and patience of the mother. As the mother of a baby model you will be required to calm your baby down when he/she is unhappy with specific circumstances, without complaining about the things you are unhappy about. Being a baby model mommy will test your patience to the utmost, you will be required to change clothes, move from one location to the next, be available on short notice, and be in time for screenings and tests. The most difficult part of being a mother to Baby models is coping with the rejection. Every mommy believes her little bundle is the most perfect little creature in the world. It will often happen that even though your baby got paid for a photo shoot, the company decides to choose another baby instead of yours. Being able to manage the rejection and still continue on to other projects is what defies the perfect modelling mom. If you consider this simply for the bragging rights involved you will get hurt and disappointed. Modelling is a job just like any other job; and should be handled as such.

Source by Ellie Sayers